Touch Him.

Touch is one of the most important elements of human contact, and you want to make the most of it.

From the moment you meet your guy, you should make contact with him. You should touch him while talking to him, and you should touch him on purpose. You should touch him when you talk to him. You should touch his arm or hand whenever you ask him a question. You should touch his forearm and elbow when you joke around with him.

Be Someone He Can Trust

As a guy, I want to be someone you can trust. As a boy, I took a lot of chances and did a lot of stupid things. I don’t want to do that with you. I have made tons of mistakes, but I promise they won’t be the same ones I made when I was young. A woman like you deserves a better guy, and that’s what I will be. I know you are hesitating because you are not sure about me. But I am sure about you.

Be His Rock

falling for someone for the second time can be a more heart-wrenching and difficult experience by knowing that this person is actually falling for you too. It’s a high-risk situation because you’re both willing to give it another try. But the fear of re-falling is real if you’re not careful.

Be Loyal

If you want to get his heart racing, he has to know that he’s the guy that will always be there for you.

How to make it work for you:

Be loyal to the man you love and he will certainly know that he can count on you to stick by his side.

Be Both Silly and Serious

When you’re first getting to know a guy, you’ll want to put your best foot forward, showering the man of your dreams with compliments and flattery to win him over. But once you’re more serious with him, you’ll need to tone down the flattery and talk about real-life things that make a relationship worth having.

Section Text: Tell him what you love about him. And when you do, make sure you follow through with actions that back up what you’re saying.

Section Text: Don’t be afraid to tease him and have fun with him, too. There’s nothing wrong with a little playful banter.

Section Text: Be honest with him. You don’t know what the future holds, but if you’re not honest about the present, you’re heading for a crash-and-burn later on.

Be His Best Friend

You’ve been friends for years, but now you want more. Whether you’ve been friends for one month or a decade, you want to make him fall for you.

How to make it work for you:

Be his friend and enjoy all the benefits that come with this relationship. Enjoy having a great person around. You don’t have to smother him with affection and cause him to run in the opposite direction. Give him space. If he doesn’t appear to be interested in you, show him you can be a very good friend to him. Men are more likely to fall for a woman who is a good friend.

Be Adorable

Use the right body language. There are many books and articles on this already, but in a nutshell, make sure that you are relaxed, that you keep your body facing him, and that your gestures are open and inviting.

How to make it work for you:

That’s it. It’s that easy. Pay attention to your body language and you will see that the men will be swarming to you like bees to honey.

Be a Thrill Seeker

When you’re with a guy and he takes you to the top of the tallest building in town and asks you to jump off it with him, you know you’ve got a winner.

How to make it work for you:

Ask him to do a thrilling activity together, and if he says yes, you’ve landed a keeper. After all, it takes a lot of courage to be that brave and adventurous.

Be Passionate

To instill passion in a person, you must be passionate. It’s that simple. It’s much easier to love someone else if you love yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

How to make it work for you:

Be passionate about your goals and dreams. Once you start loving yourself, it will be easier for you to love others.

Look Sexy

If you want to make a man fall for you, he needs to see you as a physically desirable woman. There’s nothing wrong with staying in shape, but he needs to see you as a natural, vibrant, and healthy woman. If you’re overweight, or not in shape, start by focusing on your health.

Once you’ve taken care of your body, your next step is to make your face your best beauty feature. Then your body. Last is your hair.

How to make it work for you:

If you want to make a man fall in love with you, take care of your health first, then focus on your face, then your body, then your hair.