Here are 5 ways to get him to call you instead of waiting for him to call you.

You made the decision and now you are waiting for him to call you.

What can you do to make him call? Here are 5 ways to get him to call you instead of waiting for him to call you.

A friend of mine told me a story once: "After we broke up, I called my ex. I said we needed to talk and I was prepared to beg if that was what it took. He asked if I was ready to forgive and forget. When I said yes, he said, 'You don't have to beg.'"

Days, weeks, and months can pass without a word from the man you want to be with. You sit and wait, waiting for him to come around, to see you, to call you. You waste your energy on him. He's already seen you, he just doesn't want you yet. Even if he has cheated on you, he still responds to you when you call him.

How can you reverse this power structure? Are you destined to wait and wait for him to call? Do you have to be the one who initiates all contact?

No way. Here are 5 ways to get him to call you instead of waiting for him to call you.

1. If he stops calling you, keep calling him. Every day. Keep calling him until he answers.

2. Don't respond to his questions about your day, his day, or other topics. Be cool, short, and non-engaging.

3. Don't go out of your way to see him. If he asks you to come over to help him move, tell him you can’t.

4. Don't initiate contact. It's not up to you to call him or to make things happen. It's up to him.

5. Keep your expectations low, but at the same time, keep your standards high. If he's a jerk, don't excuse his behavior. But if he's a jerk but also a decent guy, let him know you'd like to get together.

Look for Mr. Right Now

The days of playing hard to get are over. The dating game has changed. The goal now is to make the relationship easy—for you, your date and the people you know. That means that you don’t need to play games like wearing a scarf indoors or refusing to share your Facebook password.

How to make it work for you:

Now that you’re not playing games, you have the chance to find Mr. Right in a short amount of time. Let this man know that you are interested in getting to know him without playing games.

Make sure he thinks you are the only girl in the room

Being yourself can be a powerful tool. Guys like confident women. Don’t be pushy or try to get your way when he’s with his friends or family. This will only make him think that you are a “manipulative bitch” and he’ll move on to something (or someone) else.

How to make it work for you:

Be confident around him and let him see the real you. Open up to him and if he’s not giving you what you want (like a call), let him know that you’re not happy about it.

Be your most appealing self and play hard to get

If you’re really interested in him, let it be known, with a little mystery, of course.

How to make it work for you:

The key to getting a guy to call is to make him want to call you. It doesn’t mean you have to show him all your cards, but he should know you’re interested without you having to spell it out. Mystery is part of the attraction.

Don’t send him a pushy text or overeager voicemail. No need to ask him out immediately after you’ve met, and try to steer clear of the word “chill,” because it’s just not sexy.