Leave your phone alone, and listen. It’s called communication.

Take a step back and just listen. Everyone deals with problems differently, and this might feel awkward to you at first, but just trust us, this method works. If there is a problem or something bothering her, she’s not going to talk to you while you’re on your phone. She’ll just wait until you’re finished, and immediately go back to being annoyed, which will put you both in a worse mood. She’ll be able to talk to you clearly, and you’ll be able to hear her frustrations, so you can talk it out instead of having both of you stew in the tension. It’s a win-win.

Always be honest with her.

How would you feel if you were told that you were being cheated on? Wouldn’t you be hurt? Wouldn’t you feel betrayed? Wouldn’t you feel as though you were alone? You would feel all of those things, which is why, if you love someone, you should never cheat on them. If you are in a relationship that you believe will last, be a man about it: always be honest with her. Section Title: Quick and Simple Ways to Show Her You Care Article Text: We’re all busy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be thoughtful in our relationships. To make the woman in your life happy, it’s not the big gestures that matter as much as the little, thoughtful things. How to make it work for you: Your actions are your message. Show her you are committed by doing what it takes to be on time, prepared, and honest. Section Title: Best Ways to Deal with an Ex (and Still Stay Friends) Article Text: You might still have feelings for him, but the person you broke up with isn’t the person you’re in love with.

Make her feel special.

Things are different too. Women are no longer tied to the home, so they expect more from their partner: an attractive, well-groomed, intelligent, and ambitious man who understands her needs and can relate to her. How to make it work for you: Men and women are equal nowadays and it’s only natural to value your partner as much as you would value yourself. Show your partner that you respect her as an equal and then do what you need to do to improve your relationship and make it stronger.

Compliment her.

There are few things that make a woman feel more special than a nice compliment. Most men do not take the time to compliment their romantic partner, which is why it’s important to step up your game with a sweet sentiment or two. Step up your game: A good compliment needs to come from the heart. Focus on one or two things that you sincerely appreciate about her. And don’t forget to compliment the little things, too. Step up your game: Compliment away from the bedroom! Anytime your woman does anything great, say so. Try to avoid complimenting her physical appearance too much, since you want to avoid making her self-conscious about her looks. Step up your game: Compliment her on things that everyone can do well, like her sense of fashion or her cooking. Find something that you admire about her, and focus on that. Step up your game: Compliment her on her personality. One of the biggest mistakes men make is that they compliment only physical attributes. Take the time to discover what makes her unique, and compliment her on that.

Be physical.

To be clear, I am not talking about sexual encounters. While that is important, it is not the key to a lasting relationship. Commitment is, and I believe that is based on physical contact. I would recommend holding your woman’s hand when you are out with your friends. It might seem like a simple thing but it means you are willing to have her by your side. You are accepting her as part of your life and that she belongs with you. Do any of these sound like you? How to make it work for you:omever If you need work on committing, try the tips above. The relationship is likely to get stronger, giving you more of a reason to commit.

Open your heart.

When it comes to the topics of love and relationships, most think, “Just be nice and do what your partner says.” But there’s more to it than that.