1. It’s not a quality relationship.
    If you’re only in a relationship because you’re not happy with the way your life is going, you’re not in a relationship, you’re in a band-aid.
  2. You’ve stopped growing and evolving as a person
    Your relationship has to be a place where you can both improve and grow as individuals.
  3. You’re too much in your comfort zone
    If you’re in a relationship and you’re not stepping outside of your comfort zone, you’re not in a relationship, you’re in a cage.
  4. You’re not ‘in love’ anymore
    Having a successful relationship means not only helping yourself grow but helping the other person grow as well.
  5. You’ve stopped having fun together
    Relationships are a lot of work, but they’re not about work. They’re about happiness, and fun, and comfort, and joy.
  6. You’re not having sex anymore
    Yes, sex is just one part of a good relationship, but it’s still an important part.
  7. You’re taking each other for granted
    There have to be reasons for a couple to stick together besides the fact that they’re not happy with the prospect of starting over.
  8. There’s too much silence in between the good times
    Not every day is going to be like the first day of a relationship, but there should still be happiness and comfort in the relationship to be there for the couple.
  9. You’re not supportive of each other’s dreams
    It’s hard to feel like you’re in a relationship when you’re not allowed to dream and to be the person that you’ve always wanted to be.
  10. You’re feeling neglected
    If he isn’t spending enough time with you, it’s not because he doesn’t care about you anymore. He cares. He just doesn’t seem to realize that you’re hurting.
  11. You’ve lost the ability to communicate
    A relationship has to be built on trust in order to be successful, and trust cannot exist without